Bose Sound Link Mini 2 vs AVIOX 20 W Bluetooth Speaker




AVIOX 20 W Bluetooth Speaker 

Sound output  12 watts   20 Watts 
Battery  7 hours  10 Hours 
Connectivity  Bluetooth / USB  Bluetooth / USB 
Subwoofers on both sides  No  Yes 
Portability  Indoor and Outdoor  Indoor and outdoor 
Design and form factor   Rubber and Aluminium   Rubber and Metal
USB Charging   No   Yes 
Price   £169.95 £35


Why the price difference ? 

Here at AVIOX we are running a direct to consumer business model completely cutting out the middle man ensuring that costumers are purchasing from as close to source as possible . We have an extremely lean low cost business structure and we pass these savings on to our customers unlike some of our competitors . 

Why not check out the AVIOX 20 W video on our product page :)