Winter 2017

The idea for AVIOX was born in Google campus London, a coworking space for early stage companies.  The main vision was to produce bluetooth speakers and earphones that were built to last decades made of extremely high quality components assembled in factories with with ethical working practices.  

At this point we started contacting a number of different factories to find one that aligned with our vision of quality, speed and honesty. After courting a few different companies we found a company that was a good match and began working on the designs of our first two products. With the help of two really good freelance designers and an a highly efficient factory our first two products were born. 

January 2018 

First two products are launched on Amazon. What we learned very quickly was that although Amazon has an impressive amount of traffic from buyers with intent to buy, it is extremely difficult for new businesses with a premium offering to establish itself on page one at a price point high enough to sustain any sort of business or its staff members. So after some time spent competing on price at razer thin margins we decided that marketplaces such as Amazon were not the best place for us to build the kind of brand we envisioned. At this point amazon would no longer be our only sales channel and we needed to start looking at other sales channels. 

October 2018

We started designing and making the prototype of our third bluetooth speaker called the cylinder, we chose to launch this product on kickstarter and managed at get £19,000/$2607.59 worth of pre orders in just a 3 week campaign, showing that there was some demand for our new product and we could take it to mass production.

January 2019

We continued to recieve orders directly on our website again providing us with a lot of encouragement and gave us the motivation to continue marketing and researching new products to develop. 

January 2020

Research and development for our forth product begins. We are also now exploring the possibility of developing earphones and expanding into different types of Bluetooth speakers 

January 2021

Making plans for a youtube channel for AVIOX and other content that our customers will find beneficial.