Best bluetooth speakers for home

We now going to give you a list of the top 5 home bluetooth speakers currently available on the market for under £50  . Of course some of the items featured on this list will be from our competitors but we want to help every person that visits our site and if this means buying from one of our competitors then so be it . At least you will remember our brand and hopefully check us out in the future . 

Now time for the list : 


 UberAudio 12W Bluetooth Speaker

The UberAudio 12W Bluetooth Speaker (UberSlim) is without a doubt one of the most compact portable speakers of its kind on the market.



 Creative Muvo Mini Bluetooth Speaker Front View

Creative Muvo Mini Bluetooth speaker is decent for this price range but lacks the punch of some other models on this list .


Audio Dynamix Clarity

If you're looking for a wireless Bluetooth speaker which delivers a great performance with looks to match, then the British-made Audio Dynamix Clarity



The Audio Dynamix X05-UE3 offers modern styling, portability and serious music performance in a fully featured package which rivals that of wireless speakers that are in a more expensive pricing category.



We honestly believe that our AVIOX 20 Watt bluetooth speaker is the best speaker available on the market for under £50 (and this includes next day delivery) . This powerful portable stereo combines sleek , elegant compact design with sharp , clear and punchy output . Can be used as a powerbank to charge your phone and it seamlessly connects to a number of different smartphones , tablets and laptops .

With you one years warranty , you have nothing to loose , get yours now :) by clicking the green link.