red bluetooth speaker - wireless dual pairing up to 40W

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STRONG BLUETOOTH: Solid Bluetooth signal that easily connects with a wide range of mobile phones and laptops . This Aviox Bluetooth speaker can pair with any device within a 5 metre radius so long as there are no other items obstructing the signal.

FM RADIO: Listen to your favorite radio station anywhere

WIRELESS : Once your device is charged there is no need for any other wires , so these wireless speakers are very tidy and energy efficient way to enjoy your music.

PORTABLE: This Aviox speaker is so small in size so you can take them anywhere you please , you can also charge your device on the go by simply connecting the USB cable to your laptop. 

LONG LASTING BATTERY: Once your Aviox speaker is fully charged the battery can last up to 10 hours before the wireless Bluetooth speakers need to be charged again. To speed up charging you can connect the USB cable included with a mains USB charger.

BUILT TO LAST : This Aviox bluetooth speaker has been made with durable components and have been tested on a range of different smartphones , laptops and tablets to ensure that compatibility and performance is consistent across a number of different devices . This Wireless Bluetooth Speaker will serve you for years to come.